' The Stone of David in the Rainbow Promise of Himself '

Thinking differently as David did with the sound of the 'Stone of Revelation' under the G-d of Israel


Beloved this site exists as Yeshua' key to help shift our societal infrastructure which is impossible to do without addressing the fundamental aspects of a nation's financial systems. Money, the use of money and saving money is the core element which literally governs the lives of most people. If you think about this and money, you'll do well to note that it is the single thread that runs through all seven mountains or spheres of a society; we simply cannot function without it as His Spirit Governs Us. Yeshua taught us more on giving, finances and stewardship than any other subject, with his Father/our Father and, he left us a key in the parable of A Talent - literally referring to a weight of gold. Anything outside of that regarding this teaching of his is simply a misrepresentation of his truth's - as a Talent is weight of precious metal, e.g. 100 pounds of Gold. Therefore get ready to assist your city leaders at a Kingdom civil governmental level as multiplication under His premise is a foundational administration; under our King of king's amidst a season of dual harvest and younger generation new wine skin. We state these matters prefacing His majestic Revelation 5:11-12a USA royal forever family gold stewardship as, "the Servant of ruler's" Isaiah 49:7 / Matt 25:14-30 NIV 'Talent' correct translation. (some underlined or most on site here are links)

In the end beloved, we can either remain primarily under a teaching administration or we can forward this, sourcing it as a corporate outlet resource, demonstrating Yeshua' desire for a corporate shift in landing the economic strength of heaven because; "God has already set a stage in the Spirit to reach a billion or more souls therefore, everything is to change" (Shawn Bolz quote). And, in our agreement with the elder's, being seated with Him in heavenly places, concerning the decree of Revelation 5:11-12a Amplified


 Our Father's Business


 Aim at His heart beloved for national collaborations as Yeshua plots the path and the way to bring freedom, joy, relief and 'himself' to many at various coming public events. His heart is to see these events coupled with Kingdom deploying (extending) inventive assets

The tribe of Zebulun was and is the vanguard of those encamped with Judah and Issachar; yet these among us to this day endowed with that multifaceted Spirit endowment, still remain as the heritage and lineage of His warring, worshiping, recruiting wealth tribe. Judges 5:18,14. 1 Chron 12:33,41

This Spirit endowment on many will accelerate the remnant into our window for exploits and the greater works declared by our Davidic King.


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We are His presence and gold present carriers!


His goal is to free up and empower "the many full-time" for their creative purposes in harvesting souls, so that, we hit the linchpin in the timeline of his word (Romans 11:25), bringing in the fullness of the Gentiles, leading to 'the living reality' of verse 26, as it is written,"And so all Israel will be saved...The Deliverer will appear out of Zion! And, He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob, for this is His covenant with them"... in the restoration of all things. Acts 3:20-21


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 The Seven Thunders’...

As you consider your part in this coming forth company of prophetic one's, we believe, that these include those who give voice to the G-d of Israel' leadership, under His strategic directives, to rightly govern the earth.

Revelation 10:1-7 is declared outside what is written in His word - under the unction and Spirit endowment as end-time 'Messengers of Good' in regards to governmental royal forever family stewardship; leading to financial societal equality, by a company of Good Samaritan's with various creative inventive assets, as we prepare to grasp the hands of the poor, so that, they too may be strengthened and fully established.

Key Relatable Word: Shawn Bolz to Bill Johnson  https://www.facebook.com/ibetheltv/videos/10153685868930930/ 


 "I have made each of My children to be shrewder than the son's of this age"

 ^"Come glimpse into a portion of My narrative for your future my beloved children"^

For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear nor has the eye seen any G-d besides You who acts for the one who waits for Him. Isaiah 64:4 


 A Strategic Hybrid Resource Site in the Ruach Hakodesh of Israel

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"My Valiant One's I AM Raising up many Benefactors for You"

"Keep standing in My Love" 


Co-creating collaborative platforms to express the beauty and gift that you are to this world,
as we head into,
__Reality TV In Process__
'Truth Veiled yet in Process' Isaiah 25:7
"And on this Mountain He shall remove the covering over the peoples..."
 Heaven's Vital Impact Seven Group shall be seen and His Judicial Ones. 
We are also championing the alignment of our sons and daughters under His original intent with a promise that is sure to bring unprecedented blessings to our generation.
We are sharing this aspect and below in nominations 'for ideas' with those who are to create unique sound, sight and public events, as we gather the children and youth to awaken the parents of our generation. Let us hear from you as we contend to bring all into the stunning reality of the Glory of our coming Davidic King, in that, all will know that He is real and ever present... as we head into the unexpected, harvest, celebration and great joy... knowing that we are loving, looking for and hastening His appearing!
Glean and consider what's possible in reaching those creatively in your area.
Ube4me Entertainment Services, LLC
__Events That Make A Vital Impact Through Giving__
Out of a Matthew 22:1-14 Royal Forever Family Bridal Invitation and into
the greatest out-pouring ever on the natural descendants of Israel among us.

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