We are called to see others strengthened and fully established as we assist the nations and our nation get out of debt, obtain wealth and have Gold in reserve as G-d has made it simple!


Though we love all people we are calling out for those who are willing to come along-side with one practical solution as we openly address the roots of financial injustice and credit system's of this world regarding the 1 percent'ors or the one and only premier organization that seems to refuse an aspect of being held accountable, the Banker's.

Some of you may not be interested in the FDIC who literally takes 36 million dollars an hour from American's (as does what with that?) or you may have no interest in learning how to administer in the banking sphere; yet this is our nation who's call is to father and disciple nations, cities, communities, mayor's, governor's and presidential leaders.

Therefore as the people we urge you to consider a new gold foundation whereby together we become the driving economic force as HIS solutionist's.


As His unusual economic and financial missionaries our status for years has been to fully track our delicate situation economically watching Janet Yellen our Jewish sister and current head of the FDIC; under His watchful eyes, in full agreement with Him from within our nation, as we intercede prayerfully and move out practically. G-d help all of our leaders who have established platforms, continue to help us and please help them all to see.

We pray, meet and sing to You because, there's so much more - You can do.


4 Central Banks closed approximately 7 years ago or more, bundled their suppose-it fraudulent, non-original-artical paper assets and ran off with 1/3 of American's property, retirement assets,...etc.

Therefore please be aware as most continue to soley trust in their traditional investor's advice, in that; anything that you have in a realm that you cannot put your hands may be lost; seeing that example has been released in: http://thebigshortmovie.com 

All along this journey we have had to turn and face our own use of credit and discover that a mortgage is just plain wrong, it is actually a dead pledge by origin of term.

On a personal level if we did not have the money to pay for thing's like a car or a house then we should not have presumed upon that kind of committment to pay a 30, 15, 5 or 2 year debt.

Unfortunately we grew up under  misconception, in that, we we're now "new home-owner's", Isn't that strange to hear those words now? 

This movie entails heart breaking realities by the Bankers regarding the now royal stewardship that is to be restored to the American people (by our helping) with ties into the Mortgage Industry Tactic's and many within Traditional Investment Firms. Now we see by the script the certainty of G-d's coming vindication and justice, in a secondary coming yet to be seen picture, that will be further revealed... as He gently meets with various bankers and the Fed to usher in a certain level of justice through certain coming restitution's as HE HAS changed the current earthly administration amidst our nation's economic and financial plight.



“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the bankers will lead the citizen of this great nation into debt…

…the issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

“Paper is poverty - It is the ghost of money and not money itself.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

The link below is very prophetic from some of our nation’s fore-fathers.  http://prof77.wordpress.com/the-20/the-international-bankers-famous-quotes-about-international-bankers/


"I care not who writes law or legistaion give me the banking Industry and the monetary system I shall fair well over all"

This is a parapharsed early Rothchild qoute from above link which fully reveal's the roots of "legalized" injustice.

http://www.apfn.org/APFN/reserve2.htm This is were the majority of Americans hold their assets and function out of daily.

Beloved what are these doing with there $36 million an hour that they collect from you and I ? Please help us help them Lord


BELOVED... Listen to this U.S Paper Money loving analysis from our Christian friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5oAEjN3y5g&app=desktop



We believe that our original intent in life was "You before me."

We recognize this, we acknowledge this, and we are moving forward in seeking to establish this in our own lives as we look to others who by example consider the interests of others ahead of thier own.       

Each one of you is a "gift to our world" and part of the solution, therefore we are here to invest in you.

Let us know if there is a need we can meet in your lives, a listening ear and an understanding heart is often the best way to start.

We hope to process and review all requests and save them into our archives, we are willing to help if at all possible; lot's of hurting people out there.  

Our goal is a have an account that is solely dedicated to "strengthening the hands of the poor and needy" as we grasp their hands by empowering, giving and meeting the various needs those who are hurting.

We will begin in our community and then extend out into our nation, Israel and our world.


Part of our organization in principle is the "More" Foundation 

The simple bottom line is that in our business,” We desire to give away More than we keep"

We are beginning to understand that as we try to live by truth and right principles, there is a great opportunity to produce legitimate increase and prosperity for many, not just ourselves.

Therefore, rather than living according to popular self-indulgent lifestyles of our society and the debt that has affected all of us adversely, we are seeking to be a part of a solution.  

Our goal is to be part of developing a community of many benefactors’ who give away "more than we keep."   

Together, perhaps we can help you and touch the lives of many within our community, nation, Israel and the world.  


We hope be liken to a Gold Thread that interweaves into every life, sphere and aspect of our culture as we press toward the goal of removing all debt nation-wide because,

We are participating in setting up the Gold Standard through a multiplication and wealth transference system via a separate side by side honest Gold Money System outside of the current debt system of credit cards and failing FDIC paper debt fiat money. Please be a part of this.

Things keep getting more expensive - What is going on with the purchasing power of the American Dollar? We see what has happened in certain other countries and nations and we care!

 Are we seeing out in front to prepare our nation by Holy Spirit? PLEASE SEE BIZ OPP'S PAGE ZERO SPECULATION TESTIMONY - There is even a way to sign on for free without spending a penny.

You'll get a free website and gain a way to acquire what you need to move forward as stated within our site.


 As part of the Vital Impact 7 Group we're here to make a Vital Impact in this wild world we're a part of!

As a "group," we are to hold each other accountable and make sure that all aspects of this project will be within certain principles of integrity.

Together Heaven's team is destined in moving toward One Ultimate Goal together...

"To be a benefactor to the many".


Our desire in the future is for many open air events and venues in the public. 

Together, as a community within this Nation, we invite you to be part of making "A Vital Impact"  

Consider participating in the principle, It’s "Ube4me. / Phil 2:3,4 Yeshua' life model.


"You before me" is the principle and end goal behind all we are to do!


Thank you for staying with us in this.

You are more valuable then you could have ever imagined!

Johny Qwest and Heaven's Vital Impact Seven Group.


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Please use Virtual Office email on Biz Opp Page / Or call us, Thank you! 818-821-9275

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