This is not about us it is about making a way for others.

This site operation strategy coupled with 2 other sites (note honor amidst generations) progressing to 2027/2028 Yeshua's desire target end of age to his appearing (3rd site : the7thunders with future insights + designed to shift societal infrastructure which is, impossible to do without addressing the fundamental aspects of a nation's financial systems. Money, the use of money and saving money-is-the-core-element which literally governs the lives of most people. If you think about this and money you'll do well to note that it is the single thread that runs through all seven mountains or spheres of a society; we simply cannot function without it, as His Spirit Governs Us(Part of our pre-preparatory stage before final harvest to outpouring of His Spirit to His appearing).

From revealing heaven's plan to secure financial asset systems to those who have gold claims throughout Califorina's Gold Motherlode via govermental monthly or quarterly payments, to 24K gold merchant systems designed to assist and close out long-time excessive interest and usery, this site system potential exists for free gold savings accts with a goal to end 36 million an hour collected from the FDIC from every American (FDIC services) via daily inappropriate fees to fractional banking and lending. From gold sponsored senior partnerships for of age students to prisoners to the least of these, we are going to break the pattern of Egypt in America from the industrial revolution where every person was trained to be an obedient class of workers i.e. the formation of public schools, bus them out, ring the bell, sit up straight, etc.

We shall set in place America's call to destroy the roots of injustice and shall establish heaven's protocols of royal forever family stewardship, there is enough provision for all from the realm of Eden from within the G-d of Israel himself, knowing... he stated, to the thief on the tree of destiny right beside him... "today you will be with Me"... (I died to take you to paradise) in Gan' Eden.  

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From uprisings like the Fergusson riots to racial divide, (clearly at it's root is poverty and financial oppression), to all inner cities, those there trying to make it without any hope or real practical legal solutions, to the principles Yeshua taught we will one day sponsor and freely give finances from film and music projects, displacing unjust practices by royal Kingdom forever family stewardship, with our Father and by his Spirit as Yeshua left us a key in the parable of A Talent - literally referring to a weight of gold. Anything outside of that regarding-this-teaching-of-his is simply a misrepresentation of his truth's as A Talent is  a weight of precious metal, Gold. (< see link + NIV for only > correct transliteration)

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the bankers will lead the citizens of this great nation into debt, the issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” “Paper is poverty - It is the ghost of money and not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

Our nation’s fore-fathers warned amidst corruption.  "I care not who writes law or legislation give me the banking Industry and the monetary system of a nation and I shall fair well over all" This is a early Rothchild qoute which reveal's the roots of "legalized" injustice... AND, Yeshua himself will lay his gold axe to the LOVE of money the root of evil world-wide, behind the scenes.











We believe that our original intent in life was "you before me."

We recognize this, we acknowledge this, and we are moving forward in seeking to establish this in our own lives as we look to others who by example consider the interests of others (their lives) ahead of their own.       

Each one of you is a "gift to our world" and part of the solution, therefore we are here to invest in you (as we written the vision down so that you can run into it with Him). Let us know if there is a need we can meet in your lives, a listening ear and an understanding heart is often the best way to start. We hope to process and review (in the future) all requests saving them into current files to practically help if at all possible, lot's of hurting people out there. Our goal is a have an account that is solely dedicated to "strengthening the hands of the poor and needy" as we grasp their hands by empowering, giving and meeting the various needs those who are hurting. We will begin in our community and then extend out into our nation, Israel and our world.

Part of our organization in principle is the "More Foundation', simple bottom line is that in our business,” We desire to give away More than we keep" Our goal is to be part of developing a community of many benefactors’ who give away "more than we keep". Together, perhaps we can help you and touch the lives of many within our community, nation, Israel and the world.  

We hope to be liken to a gold thread that interweaves into every life, sphere and aspect of our culture, as we press toward the goal of seeing G-d remove all debt nation-wide because, in part, we are participating in setting up Heaven's Gold Standard, through a multiplication and wealth transference system, via a separate side by side honest small incremental gold savings money system, outside of the current debt "system's of this world", i.e. credit cards and failing FDIC paper debt fiat money. Things keep getting more expensive - what is going on with the purchasing power of the American Dollar debt note? losing 98.7% of its value since inception, Nixon removing the gold standard in the 70's?

As part of the Vital Impact 7 Group we're here to make a Vital Impact in this wild world we're a part of As a "group," we are to hold each other accountable and make sure that all aspects of this project will be within certain principles of integrity. Together Heaven's Spirit strategic team is destined in moving toward One Ultimate Goal together..."To be a benefactor to the many"... as HIS living examples all TOGETHER Saint's.

Our desire is also for many open air events and venues in the public. Together, as a community within this Nation, we invite you to be part of making "A Vital Impact"  Consider participating in the principle, It’s Ube4me. / Phil 2:3-5 Yeshua' life model... please read link to scripture!

'You before me' is the principle, the end goal we are aiming at.


Thank you for staying with us in this.

You are more valuable then you could have ever imagined!

Johny Qwest and Heaven's Vital Impact Seven Group.


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