As I traveled from San Diego CA towards Texas in 2012 I was blessed to have my trip back funded by Chuck Pierce.

I was glad that the hard 2 year mission trip was over and yet I had a long drive ahead of me, at one point along this journey four rainbows appeared and traveled along with me, three of these rainbows seemed to be moving right along with me, two of them appeared on my left side and one of them appeared slightly out in front of me and to the left as well. I was fascinated because I wondered what exactly they meant as I saw no visible rain. Three of these rainbows were not a full arc but they were partial pieces in mid-heaven with the full spectrum of color within them. As I continued to drive I tried to listen and enjoy the sight of them, at this point on the trip I had approximately 40 voice memos recorded as I listened to Holy Spirit during the drive. I was about to record another when all of sudden' I glanced into my left side view mirror and saw behind me what I could only describe as the full arc of a rainbow sitting atop of what appeared to be an entire community. This rainbow however was no ordinary rainbow as it also eluded a sunlight type of golden glory as It illuminated the entire community…Then I heard; "But as the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be for as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Yet you shall proclaim publicly at events the context of my promise in Noah's day when I set My rainbow in the sky and the context of My words in Matt 24 - You shall fore-tell and forth-tell before this nation concerning things to come on the platforms that I shall obtain for you, I AM Yahveh who saves; prepare the way before Me, a proper balanced word of fore-telling in love must be issued to all and I shall set My promise down again in your communities and at your public events, I will draw the attention of this nation through the Media because My rainbow shall sit and it shall remain for a period of time and there will be no rain except the Latter Rain of My Spirit being poured out."


Come consider with us as we lay out a cooperative national plan for unity in rallying the Global Bride of the G-d of Israel around Seven Days of Heaven at the Hollywood Bowl and other future ordained public sight and sound venues. Consider His narrative beloved into our future from the Cross-over state as this is not about the modern day realm of our traditions in the west, yet rather, in consideration of His harmonious orchestrations as we align further under the One we love for the new and the power and Ministry of Holy Spirit.

The call now is to widen your circle of friends as we all acknowledge our King's project and have a heart-to-heart talk out of the beauty of his heart. His request is to invite those we are connected with into your sphere, glean, implement and support one another. If there are facets others cannot build please consider your skills, your current established platform in your ability to communicate with others and the privilege of serving for the purposes of completion. We are hitting a key window in time to make history and shift and your role is key! as we all consider again our destination, in that, we serve the G-d of Israel who dwells in Mount Zion and is exceedingly zealous for Jerusalem's sake.

There are appx. 700,000,00 to 1 million natural descendents of Israel among us and the G-d of Israel intent is in leading His captive one's back to Zion as you help to fulfill His dreams leading us and the Jewish remnant among us into our Psalm 126 moment.

Two words to term what will come out of our unity, in regards to exploits and the Greater Pentecost coming full-force and inter-dimensionally from outside of the realm of time, at a coming spring feast, in what we have considered to be 'One Model Marriage Ceremony Event',  "The Unimaginable" 'Seven Days of Heaven at the Hollywood Bowl'.

Therefore we also state, in our hearing from Him, that this is no longer solely about premise, percept, principle and promise, yet rather, in regards to further correct time-line analysis of the living realities of His words. His intention is to lead us into our window for the practical outworking of various exploits, our greater works and BEING PRE-PERPARED FOR the sequencing of events.

See Daniel 11:24-43 occuring - Revelation 13:16,17 approaching, we are in our 1 Thess 5:1-4 window as is our 2 Thess 2:3-12 outworking - to fully coming into fulfillment... being aware by preparing ourselves or those who will contine as we've all steppted into, the living reality of His words.


As we pre-prepare under our coming Davidic King please understand that we must have a distributional asset example up and running before the revealing of America's Gold Mother Lode in California  in California, because then WE will move into a secondary aspect of discipling our President, Governors, Mayors, communities, cities, states and nations under His original intentions (fair and equal stewardship) coupled with the foundational premise found in Matt 25:15-29 (NIV rightly transliterates talent as being a weight of gold)


The call now is also out to gather those nationally who will or have written a new song from the Heart of our Song of Song's that is to leave the necessary love impression on the heart's of the people of this nation from Him and for Him in our ordained collaborative public venues.

Let’s also consider our communities and one another's original songs for movie scores and ask for insights into soundtrack needs for one another's scripts.


A Hybird Company of Saints: Carry an Asset beloved or you have little footing in the natural for re-establishing national faithful royal forever family stewardship; as we head into the out-working of many scriptures and prophetic words.

As G-d raises up a million or more fully funded full time famlies, judical one's, activators, psalmists, intercessors, worshippers, filmmakers, co-creators and artists we will experience the unimaginable occuring publicly; while driving out the oppression and darkness, out of a mandate to see the fulfillment of Habakkuk 3:3 / "G-d came from Teman, The Holy One from Mount Paran. (Selah) His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise" (Heavens here is plural, a mid-heaven or sky reference).

"Vindicate the weak and the fatherless; do justice and maintain the rights of the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; rescue them from the hand of the oppressor. The rulers do not know nor do they understand; they walk on in the darkness of complacent satisfaction; all the foundations of the earth, the fundamental principles of the administration of justice are shaken".

Please know that our attempt here is based out of the far-knowing and far-seeing wisdom of G-d and out of necessary deep intentional and critical thinking so that, an underlying foundation of wealth will appear as Heaven’s economy and His supernatural ways of royalty will been apparent and known to all, not just those who are current leaders or for lack of a better term the 20% among us.

We do not want on step on anyone’s beliefs systems that may tell us that we are "to just trust the systems of this world" in that everything was fine over the last decade, 5 years or 2 years yet rather, in our G-d given preparedness in our past 4 years of mission work has led us to the underlying facts by the greatest economic financial experts in all of human history and we perceive our G-d is saying that the way we handle finances and our Kingdom civil affairs must shift, and we must consider "His desire for our shift corporately" out of His heart of concern, in our preparing for “proper distribution of assets" amidst the coming revealing, distribution and transference of wealth.


White Lion.jpeg

Everyone here comes out a winner because of the G-d of Israel who so loves us.

As men of our generation we are aware that there are women and children around us to pre-prepare. As men we clearly see that there is an underlying economic issue and we are going to face the issues rather than be like children or adults who live at times in denial. We have great hope because we are thinking of all women and children not just those of our own household therefore, we must cut out the uncertainty that women and children may face in light of all that's occured in history and what is occurring in our world. Our plan has been to cooporate with our G-d in laying out this foundational financial distribution element to quell any potential violence long before it occurs, out of any consideration; of ANY unfore-seen possible coming national economic crisis when men do not have what they need.

We are leaving a legacy as personal business owners for our children's children with inheritable generational wealth in 24 Karat 999.9 deliverable insured Gold out of a secured 7 year system that produces ongoing passive residual income with perpetual free 24 Karat gold. We have in a sense our own new Internal Banking System, Honest 24K Gold Currency, Entire Gold Monetary System and Merchant Sign-up capabilities all outside of current debt structures, tied into our self managed free account's, with our very own Award Winning 999.9 Gold money ATM Debit MasterCard secured in an extraordinary account.

Blk 999 Debit Card.jpg








Beloved unless we build what is necessary in the natural and provide a tangible way to equally distribute wealth out of right royal forever family stewardship, while telling those around us what is to come; how will we be a people wholly prepared and those likened to our great coming Davidic King?


See 7 Minute Video by our Spirit filled mentor Dan Girolmo: 

(Please realize this is a corporate responsibilty to shift into His new - not ours)




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