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What is to occur beloved when the impossible and the unimaginable comes together...

We all bring in the Glory of the G-d of Israel.

"G-d came from Teman, (Sinai Peninsula area) the Holy One from Mount Paran ... Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise".

Help us press towards the fulfillment, the living reality of Habakkuk's prayer in Chapter 3 i.e. heavens here plural implying a mid-heaven seen 'sky reference'. 


Mark Moulin our Prayer-Song partner being connected at Capitol Records since 1965 with the Beach Boy's; yet completing recent project with Sister Sledge for the remake of "We are family" to "We're G-d's Family". This and other facets are occurring with the producer from the past "We are the World" project. That project grossed 63 million, we are projected to produce 10 to 100 times more.

This project is also to lead to the fulfillment of Revelation 19:7-10 and His Expressions of Isaiah 58:7-12 "For the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints" Marriage supper of the Lamb prerequisite verse beloved.

We are asking you to consider your part with one goal of ending USA poverty as we rally around Mark by participating in Yeshua' dream of the current $11.5 Million dollar project, "7 Days of Heaven at the Hollywood Bowl" which is to end in a Marriage Ceremony on the Seventh Day, recapturing with a call to Hollywood's coming purity and original intentions as we, appropriate the Blood of the Lamb... calling all of Hollywood into the fruit of his mediation, being slain from the foundation of the world to, removing the missing of all marks.


Please consider contacting Mark Moulin through his site links below to support Yeshua' USA 'Seven Continent Reach Mission Dream' through his effort's... as you read Holy Spirit' narrative through Mark and; what is penned further below out of experiential knowledge with ties into scripture... and fulfilling scripture.




The National and Global Bride of Messiah coming together in unity as we prefer one another over ourselves and head into our King's projects in getting the attention of our entire nation!

"Together publicly with the One we love in many various locations and many states"

Imagine with us if you will that we all had enough resources to put on public venues that are to be very costly, for example; I recently lived right in the heart of Hollywood approximately 2 blocks from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which is located at the southeast mid-point of Hollywood and Highland. This location is right near where hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the world continually, the avenue of the stars. It has a full outdoor stage, seating for many hundreds and has a black fence around it and it covers 1/8 of a City block. Well just imagine we were able to pay rent for that location on off days or hours, leave the fence open for the event; all the saints are there the singers, artists, children, mom's, dad's, youth, musicians and those who were destined to speak forth words of knowledge and prophesy. Then Holy Spirit comes onto the scene in the coming power of the Greater Pentecost and our G-d sets His rainbow down and the unimaginable begins to occur. Thousands of people in that area begin to hear, see and approach as they are drawn from the sound and the sight, we are filming the event and other camera men start coming from outside of that location, the media, news stations and the beauty, fame and renown of His name is revealed and loving reverence is adorned upon our stunning Davidic King; as Salvation is made known to all in the power of creative miracles, healings, deliverance and new understanding's that our G-d has always only been good.


As certain objectives are met while keeping in mind the creating of various public involved venues, the results of our creative collaborative effort's will begin to bring in the fullness of the gentiles in our area.
Once the fullness of the gentiles is brought in, there will be a fulfillment of Rom.11:25 in our area and forward timeline movement towards verse 26.
As G-d also goes after the lost sheep of the house of Israel among us, the Jewish people who run many industries, this furthering in forming of One New Man will one day bring about,
"...And so, all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, the deliverer will come from Zion…” Romans 11:26
(Ps.14:7, 53:6, 110:2, Is.46:13, Heb.12:22)

As many of you already know from David to Solomon (2 Chr.6:33b) to Amos (9:12b) to Peter (Acts 15:17), all of them knew that the LORD himself would raise up, rebuild and then establish the fallen Tabernacle of David (3 phases) and, as Jew’s they knew that part of Its purpose was for the ingathering of the gentiles and for the reverence and renown of His name so that, the nations would come as well and experience G-d’s presence and come to know His name; Yeshua, Yahveh Saves the very Glory of G-d.

Through the rebuilding of the Tabernacle, which in our day will include sight and sound venues, true evangelism (Eph.4:11) and the office of it, as the nameless and faceless generation will be properly set in place, while forever standing with Yeshua (Phil.2:21) for Israel and Jerusalem (Zech.1:14-17, Rom.10:19), as we reap the gentile harvest which will then usher in the harvest of the whole House of Israel. This is a key given to us in G-d’ word and the desire of Yeshua’ heart. We can literally meet a need for our Great king now and bring fulfillment to His word because, as you know, the nations and Israel are His Inheritance. (Psalm 2:6-8)

This will also produce prosperity for the many among us in hyperbolic fashion. This is described in Amos 9:13, “Behold the days are coming declares the LORD when the plowmen will overtake the reaper and the trader of grapes him who sows seed; when the mountains will drip sweet wine and the hills will be dissolved” (This speaks of beautifully affecting those in high places and hindrances being removed.)
We believe this will occur simultaneously as the fields are ripe to harvest souls and the wealth is there for those willing to go further into the public and use His resources for his purposes. (Psalm 24:1 NASB)

The Attempt : from CA the Crossover State Amidst the California to Texas Integration to Austin TX Worship Capital of our World.


"The Latter Rain Out-Pouring on the Natural Descendant's of Israel among us"

Beloved the Spirit of the G-d of Israel captured the theme based on the premise of Yeshua' Life Model which is written in Phil 2:3,4 as His life speaks to us in the premise of "you before Me" as He preferred us over Himself. What a great target for all to aim at as we consider one another and the dreams of our Great Davidic King...  Selah

David declared "I foresaw Yahveh always before my face" therefore we declare this "You before me" as His Standard Trademark of Love in our current journey together.

This reference to Ps 16:8 in Acts 2:25 also positions us correctly for further fulfillment of the book Joel and the beginning of out the greatest outpouring ever of His Spirit.



In the book of Acts our LORD purposely positioned the 120 near the biggest cultural event and city which influenced the entire known world, Jerusalem as they gathered there for The Feast of Weeks / Pentecost) Therefore, as we enter into what we are considering one model marriage ceremony and example of the new in events (7 Days of Heaven at The Hollywood Bowl) please realize that the Tabernacle of David will look differently in our generation with sight and sound venues.

Saint's, beloved, the Invitation for you is in joining together in our creative conceptions as we gather again from within our very own Culture Capital of the current known world, Los Angeles, CA and end this 7 day event with a marriage ceremony of heaven and earth.

We are going after His Inheritance (Psalm 2) and extending The Call to harvest into the Hollywood Bowl as stated on Mark Moulin's site and the hybrid site that Holy Spirit created for you. Please pray for us and get ready for our G-d to begin to shift our entire culture as He awakens the hearts of those within the entertainment industry, the Jewish remnant among them who control network television and, the gentiles both small and great.

The above further Acts 2 reference vv17-21 also brings us into correct time-line analysis, (please get your word out if you have not already this is so relative), Blood Moon-Tetrads have occurred (and a 5th one as we perceive as grace) for a sign to the Jews in pointing us to the famous period of time (1 Thess. 5:1-4) BEFORE the great and awe-inspiring day of the LORD, which points us into His future orchestration's.


THE HARVEST The latter rain of the outpouring of His Spirit is deeply connected to the the day of the Lord (Joel 2:1,2,28-32) as these events occur in succession and in order as stated here. We are proclaiming this by His Spirit and according to Isaiah 44:7 as the remnant of Jew's within Hollywood may very well experience 44:3 which is an outpouring on the natural descendants of Israel.

See Isaiah 44:3 in context to reference in Acts 2, the 120 positioned in the known cultural capital of the world at their time and Peter speaking directly to Jews; point being this is one premise of our Nation's call in regards to leading the captive one's back to literal Zion and what is to repeat itself in history. We are to appear before our G-d in Zion/Jerusalem. Is 44:32b, Ps 84:7, 126 Obadiah 15,17,21 Is 66:5-24 - out of a Jeremiah 1:1-12 mandate, emph v12

Beloved, we are not here to draw attention to ourselves, yet rather to the strategies of our Brilliant G-d and His renown within our nation and Israel. He will be widely known, loved and highly esteemed outside of the buildings where His Church gathers. Therefore we'd like to preface what follows with our end goal so that we will all move forward in the new while keeping the end in mind. Here is our precedence: "Where is the G-d of Israel who has always revealed Himself publicly through His servants, that which we always see within the Scriptures" And as Elisha stated; "Where is Yahveh the G-d of Elijah?" 2 Kings 2:14 Elijah' My G-d is Yahveh"



We will be adding details and further considerations as we continually seek to comfort the heart of the One who loves us so. We are desiring to press into the outworking of His desire' as head of His ecclesia and as we crown Him the loving leader of our Nation. Beloved, as you know we are His called out ones, sent out into the public at this time for His specific purposes. 

Beloved you are all invited by Yeshua into our together forever creative collaborative conception's in forming new national evangelistic public sight and sound venues.

We are proclaiming and decreeing that we are going to hit the Spring Feast where the Spirit of Pentecost is going to fully cleanse mid-heaven as our coming ascended glorified Davdic King acts again in the earthly arena in love and power! (Revelation 14:16, 19:17, 8:13) Together we are going to head into the Royal Splendor of His Kingdom within as He takes us into transfiguration glory as The One who stood on the mount of transfiguration as, The Firstborn among many brethren! - Luke 9:1, Matt. 16:28-17:3, Mark 9:1-9

Thank you for your consideration, participation and support! 

Johny Qwest Heaven's Vital Impact 7 Group

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 G-d’s objective is to gain the seven continent reach for you in the spotlight of network television as He Himself goes after the main stronghold of the enemy in the stewardship of main stream media. 

When His musicians come onto the scene out His sound, in His desire to sing and leave the impression most necessary within the hearts of those called to complete the redeemed, we will see a moment that actually produces light and a spectrum of color in majestic beauty yet to be seen! Depending on the venue and location we are talking about that which is outside of the norm at any given concert or public outdoor gathering.

Others will then experience what’s been termed by Ruach as inter-dimensional encounters (Rev 14:6 - Angels) of the G-d of Israel as He steps into time and space from the fourth dimension, a realm that's as close to you as brushing your hands along the side of your face, coupled with the miraculous, new signs and wonders in our sky/mid-heaven, full color spectrum rainbows with golden glory hitting the stage as Angels accompany His Psalmists/Artists. 

Psalm 24:7-9 are bold personifications indicating that the city gates need to stretch themselves to make way for the awesome entrance of Great coming Davidic King. As we prepare our hearts and turn to face Him all will participate in worshiping Him!

He will draw those 'who do not know him' and the Jewish remnant among us into an experience of Himself as being "real and ever present"

This we believe no matter where you live is another national convergence point and as we press into Global Bride Unity!


Most events will feature artists of all types, singers, musicians, dancers, children and inspirational voices.

All donation tickets purchased are to be escrowed in order to provide full transparency of management.

Venues dates are to be determined as we move forward, stay tuned for more press releases.

Thank you!

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