We invite you and other's to be part of making a Vital Impact in our world.

Come consider your part in 4 years of hearing from the G-d of Israel and on our quest in partnering with Mark Moulin to end USA poverty.

As the First born among many brethren, male and female; The Lion of the Tribe of Judah in you was anointed for going first, establishing government - manifesting Kingdom rule and for true Worship,"

(Holy Spirit/Chuck Pierce expounded by Judah)


Dated Press Releases:

Cities held captive for financial reasons.

Chuck Pierce / Anne Tate excerpt -taking Metheg Ammah! - your Mother Bridle City.

August 30, 2012 (Edited: Into the practical and natural outworking of the prophetic word - internal spiritual only application removed)

"Last night Chuck Pierce was speaking in San Diego, CA.  He had an incredible word for what the Lord was now ready to do in their city and territory. 

In the course of Chuck’s speaking he referred to 2 Samuel 8 and referenced Metheg Ammah – The Mother Bridle City.

This was where the Philistines the enemy of God’s covenant territory was ruling God’s territory illegally.(and unjustly)

I remembered several years ago Chuck taught on this scripture.  When something comes around again I watch, because the Lord is ready to take us to a higher place of revelation concerning a particular principal. 

The Mother Bridle City held the reins of government for the rest of the territory including several other surrounding cities

The King of the Metheg Ammah would then force tribute from each one of the cites in the territory that he ruled.

He had to keep these cities under his control for financial reasons. <<<

Judah’s territory, which was part of God’s covenant plan, was where this was happening. 

Judah was anointed for going first, establishing government - manifesting Kingdom rule and for worship. 

This was David’s portion.The King of Metheg Ammah had taken the authority out of the hands of Judah and confined Judah to borders that would prevent the tribe from fully occupying its territory and enjoying the fruit of what God had given them. 

 In essence, the a wrong king was now in control of Judah’s destiny and worship. David disagreed because he was now King of Judah and all of Israel.  Therefore, David went to battle, killed the ruling King, David took >the city< and removed the rule of the Philistines out of the portion of Judah, where God had set him in place to rule."


OBJECTIVE: Seeing the need for a gold distributional asset for earthly civil authority, and for Kingdom civil governmental extending.

http://www.elijahlist.com/words/displayword.html?ID=13165  Johnny Enlow with a recent key Kim Clement economic civil add-on from an Elijah-list word that came around again for ALL TO WEIGH OUT.




Our Davidic King as the 'Stone of Revelation'

“But the Stone that struck 'the statue' became a Great Mountain and filled the whole earth” (Daniel 2:35b) Messiah is Yahveh incarnate, The Chief Corner Stone (Luke 20:17,18), The Stone of Daniel (2:34, 35,44,45), The Stone of Zechariah (3:9) This Mountain pictures G-d’s all-transcending government though our coming Davidic King who lovingly resides over all earthly powers and will put an end to all unrighteous rule and injustice. Because we are in union with our coming Davidic King, the greatest economic financial strategist ever; we openly proclaim; "Who is like Yahveh' Salvation, who can pick up a stone and sling it while being full of praise to His Father" Only this time HE is aiming for the feet of that (giant) image_(Rev 13:15) Because, He's already crushed the headship of the enemy. We are called to move out further into the public with the one who watches over the son's of your people (Dan 12:1) and with "The IDF of Heaven", We invite you into the gold thread of unity (new gold based monetary distribution system) that is to run through all 7 mountains of each society, that which is to strengthen every justice movement as it sweeps across our nation and touches the 7 continent's in expression's of Isaiah 58:7-12, Zechariah 7:8-14, Matt 25:34-37, taking us and those ordained eventually right into modern day Jerusalem/Zion. 

*Beloved even though in the end His glory will have it's way within us, we must understand that there will always be a monetary issue; It is simply what governs the lives of the majority of all people groups.

Money runs through all 7 mountains of each and every society therefore, our unction is to position you in a financial system of safety, in securing and multiplying your assets, as we gather together and shift corporately, in the transference of wealth required; to fund what will be necessary to turn an entire nation. 

Our coming Davidic King is the "Stone of Revelation" that will one day destroy “the image of the beast” in Rev.13:15, as He wipes out all antichrist and debt systems that are now currently in place in the earth and those yet to be seen. Revelation 13:15-17 emph17 "causes" the same word for coming law/legislation; "Get out in front of the enemy (Daniel 11:43) my children and pre-prepare; there are countless unspecting woman, children and the elderly all around you, move into your exploit with ME now", Daniel 11:24-43 emph v 43 occuring as we press into coming Chap 12 outworking; while considering we are approaching Rev.13:16,17 

We are in our 1 Thess 5:1-4 window, we are in our 2 Thess 2:3-12 window and we all need to move forward while keeping the end goal in mind... Rev 20:1-6 

Holy Spirit/Judah main context, *Chuck Pierce 1st black sentence.


2/24/5776 / 2016  Holy Spirit/Judah

Beloved, many people are suffering in our nation, Jerusalem and elsewhere without basic needs and not as comfortable as many of us. Many are disillusioned about life and in great need spiritually while being oppressed in the natural under many system's of the world and, one termed minimum wage. Why would one pay the servant and the very heart and soul of many major corporations such wages? The cries those who have labored in their fields have reached the ears of the Lord of harvest and Justice Personified will be revealed to help us all - Is it not also written in Micah 4 that G-d would take the blind, the weak, the lame and the oppressed and make them into a strong nation? Is it not also written that He shall bind up the injured and strengthen the weak and yet what will occur to the sleek and the fattened one's (Ezk 34) who are not fully considering the royal importance of the least of these as being His inheritance?


 July 21st 5773 / 2013  

 “And I say to you this will be a day that My people must find their stand much deeper than what its been in the past. For in the past you’ve been able to stand and move and go and come as you determined which way you’d go. And I say now your stand must deepen for this is a day that My people must be standing in places that they wouldn't normally choose to stand in and in standing in those places you must be in the world but not of the world. You must show the world in its way that there is a way for them to follow, I say to you there is a stand that will produce My love and out of My love will work faith and from faith I say exploits will be done and resources that presently exist will begin to change into other resources, (Paper debt money into Gold) so I say to you get ready now to take your stand, for your stand will be deeper in the land then what its been in other seasons.  

 For the Lord says I am tearing open a new level of authority and there will no longer be any kind of hierarchical authority*(1), the Lord says that you will stand in the authority that I speak inside of you. It is the authority of My word in you. As you speak that, as you prophesy that; that is your authority.  You will give up all of mans authority in this hour.

 And out of your faith you will prophesy and as faith works though love, then out of My mind and My heart I can change the land and I can change the man (Adam-Mankind ) and I can cause the generation to arise in a new way, so I say to you this is a time of standing and aligning and you wont have to know and you wont have to try to understand for this is a time that I will align My people and I will know the houses where My people exist and you will know when to gather and you will know when to come; I say to you this land is about to be rearranged by My hand so you take your stand and in the midst of the rearrangement and you will find yourself speaking the future into existence”.

“Now keep moving (Judah) and let the horn sound and hear (everyone) the sound of the Trumpet calling” Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, parentheses mine.


When I hear a word like this it is directive and strategic, it causes me to understand that we have a Davidic King who is communicating the intents of His Heart to us from Heaven out of a Hebrews 12:25 premise, and yet we must understand and see that there is a way to move into the out working of His words. I believe He is confirming certain things that we are carrying and certain things others are destined to and called to carry.

Holy Spirit / Mikael Judah

Men are we going to be like David and serve the puropses of G-d in our generation? There are cities to govern, women and children to protect and pre-prepare; OUR PRESIDENT, Mayor's and Governor's to disciple, entire cities and comunities waiting for us to become the living examples of debt free lender's to the nations under His original intents for Israel found throughout the entirety of His word's, old and new testament.


Five Spiritual Trends That Will Change the World in 2016
Morning Star Prophetic Bulletin #97 - January 21, 2016
Rick Joyner
Prophetic Bulletins

....A Kingdom Economy Will Begin to Form

Ultimately the body of Christ will have its own economy that will grow with consistency and strength. Because of this, no Christian will need to be concerned about the mark of the beast. However, this is not just about having an alternative to the beast...

For those looking for a safe place to put investments, it won’t get any safer or better than this emerging kingdom economy. For those saying, “Where is it?”, you can’t see it if you do not see the kingdom. If we can see His kingdom, we will see its economy as it emerges.

A New Generation of Prophets and Teachers Will Begin to Emerge with Worldwide Authority and Influence"




 Dear Synagogue or Ministry Leader,   2/24/5776 (2016)

I am  writing to you by way of formal introduction as I seek to present a G-d given solution concerning caring for the poor among you here in the Los Angeles area. (Glean from the necessary theme saints and consider your part in what's being stated over the G-d of Israel' inheritance in the people amongst your city).

The solution being presented is a new gold hybrid resourcing system for the greater Los Angeles Synagogue members in which one may obtain a free 24k Currency Grade Gold Savings Account with optional ongoing passive residual income, a free online business and eventual free perpetual gold.

Many people write books in an attempt to help others we have done that in a sense and are sending you an all inclusive resource website, with a bit of additional vision, for your consideration in ending the dilemma of poverty.

Right now I am to plant the necessary seed, out of obedience to the G-d of Israel by asking you to consider this work as an internal project, with one another, while asking for your prayerful consideration amongst the Synagogues and Jewish organizations throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

 I have been on and long and acquiescent journey rightly evaluating the financial condition of our nation with our G-d. 


7 Minute Video by our mentor Dan Girolmo: http://youtu.be/OvxFJrfBx2w 


As His unusual economic and financial missionary my status for years has been to fully track our delicate situation economically, under His watchful eyes, in full agreement with Him; from within our nation, as I intercede prayerfully and move out practically.

Therefore we (G-d and myself) are writing to ask if you would prayerfully consider the website contents as being a further part of His solution for certain matters of concern within His heart, in helping the poor, our nation, it’s people, the least of these and our current civil economic leaders.

Our attempt here is based out of the far-knowing and far-seeing wisdom of G-d which has developed necessary deep intentional and critical thinking so that, an underlying foundation of wealth will appear as Heaven’s economy and His supernatural ways of royalty are fully known and apparent to all.

We do not want cross any boundaries of those of you who are in authority because we are not part of your current earthly relationships and yet, 4 years of mission work has led us to the greatest spirit-filled economic, financial experts in all of human history therefore; we perceive our G-d is declaring that the way we have handled our financial civil affairs must shift, and we must consider His desire for our shift corporately, out of His heart of concern in our pre-preparing for “proper distribution” and "safety of assets" in the coming transference of wealth to end financial inequality.

To surmise our role would be in assisting you to find every resource that is already online out of our simple-self-edu six year infrastructure building.

We have simple online video-edu available as all one would have to do is begin with our free websites and videos. We also have every resource online as well pertaining to this G-d birthed company and mission.

The question we have for you is what infrastructure or counsel would you have for those seeking your help as being set in place as a foundation for equal economic financial distribution, overcoming inflation (virtually impossible in this day and age by a linear income), whereby together; we defeat poverty  in the end by building our future without any debt".

 Right now we hear our G-d saying "You have been faithful in the small and great things he has committed to your stewardship therefore be patient now as you review and enter into the joy of His further deliverance.

 Be prepared for negative opposing thoughts, opposition from the naysayer's and various opinions elsewhere.

 Please realize this is completely new so prepare your mind and beliefs systems to be stretched".

What we are sending is an usually formatted e-book hybrid website full of G-d's testimonies therefore be careful and patient in the reading review with video links.

Though we are young and maturing and may have given you a bit much to read in regards to a website, we trust that you will see past this, granting us grace while enjoying our journey together in this. If you consider handling this as a periodic day-by-day study of truth we are certain that our G-d will bless, refresh and free up your time during this process, knowing His heart toward you and the counsel of his will.

To conclude please understand that our G-d has raised a man up out of a nation, that once bred an ungodly leader (Hitler); who tried to annihilate our covenant people, and, he has laid upon him, (Harold Seiz) a facet of the Spirit endowment of Cyrus. (Isaiah 45)


You before me / Psalm 16:8

"And it shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer, and while they are still speaking I will hear" (Isaiah 65)

 End of their support letter from the G-d of Israel.

 In closing...

Because I am a highly unusual economic and financial missionary I cannot extend this letter of support as most do. Though the laborer is worthy of their wages my support and benefactor is our G-d. I cannot present a financial solution while simultaneously holding my hand out.

What I may perceive is a coming alongside of other Synagogues, members, organizations, leaders or pioneers who might want to couple this into their labors while presenting a benefit for their benefactors.

Therefore, what you see here would only be for one or two people, select individuals who are very close to me who care enough about themselves or their families future to set aside small increments of time to slowly, study read and fully review site links; whereby gaining a proper deeper living understanding of G-d' far-seeing and far-knowing intentions, out of consideration for my argues journey.

All one may need is a fleece in sending my site to those within your own Synagogues, asking for their opinion while considering their benefiting as your benefactors. I believe you'll never know what you may receive until you step out and further trust the G-d of Israel.

I would send these matters to weigh out in this exact format:


Sign up site for free 24k Gold Currency Acct:


For further Tanakh context, vision potential, and societal economic reformation see:

"You before me" Site in above link.


10/15/2015 / Letter to Shawn Bolz and Johnny Enlow

Please weigh this out prayerfully and let me know if you see what I see in the midst of Johnny Enlow's word and Kim Clements add-on coupled with my past writing because I am astounded and don't like to be put in the middle of all this in one sense! I'm getting back to the heart of worship it's all about you LORD!

Beloved, please know we would have never understood certain critical key information that we are asking you to weigh out from within the prophetic words below or made it thus far without each and every saint!

AND THE RECONCILING OF THE WORLD. (Rom.11:11-13, 2 Tim. 4:8)

Saints / Beloved, Christian females gatekeepers and those of you in authority, we are sending out this document because we need help in understanding completely what we are to do with this.
Please pray for us and let us hear from you. You are so needed amongst our nation! Lots of us know of Johnny Enlow's prophecy about those who are to have land contract rights in the securing and in the revealing of a 120 mile-wide parcel of land containing the Gold mother lode within California. What's most fascinating to us is that for some reason our G-d has had us watching online news headlines over this last month. The Oct.15th excerpt from the LA Times: Essential has provoked us to consider, "Are there some among us who would have the money for the kind of land contract and property rights that Johnny Enlow has mentioned in his prophetic word below? And so we ask, "Lord where are those that you spoke of in Johnny Enlow’s prophecy and where are the men who are to come forth and obtain these land contract rights?" And…Can we plant some more dream seeds within you beloved! 

Beloved, please know we would have never understood certain critical key information that we are asking you to weigh out from within the prophetic words below or made it thus far without each and every saint.
Please listen to this gift for you in a very, very short prophetic song before you read on: http://youtu.be/BZ9uqLsshVk 

Oct 15th LA Times: Essential 

Let’s buy a mountain: Fed up with battling developers in their own backyard, a coalition of Laurel Canyon residents and wildlife advocates wants to buy part of a mountain so that it can never be turned into housing. The group needs $1.6 million to buy the 17 acres that stretch from Lookout Mountain Avenue to Stanley Hills Drive. Los Angeles Times (Notice the word plays!)

(Beloved please understand that this document is for a broad audience so bear with us if you are already aware of certain points as our desire is to submit to you in our forming relationship as your servant and His doorkeeper. Our intentions are in coming alongside and strengthening to see everyone fully established in their destinies')

Although we are addressing a broad spectrum of issues here beloved while being aware that winter and EL Nino is coming, we are continually praying that G-d would help us to spur one another on even further into love and good works! October 21st 2015 will be the 7th day in the month of Cheshvan. In consideration for the pilgrims returning to their lands, the traditional prayer for rain that is added to the Amidah (Standing prayer) during Cheshvan is delayed until the 7th of the month, so that the trip home could be done in reasonable comfort: “Bless this year and all its produce for the good for us, O HaShem our G-d, and grant dew and rain as a blessing on the face of the earth …” This prayer continues to be recited three times a day in Jerusalem until Pesach (Passover March/April). Traditionally, it is the month when the flood began during Noah's time. The waters receded a year later, also in Cheshvan, allowing Noah, his family and the animals to leave
the ark.

We are writing to those who have a dream in regards to fulfilling their call and destiny within our nation, the nations and Jerusalem.
Please understand what is occurring in Jerusalem and what our G-d is setting up. We believe that some in the USA must prepare to one day go and stand with our brothers and sisters in the midst of the flood of persecution. (Rev.12:15 emph.v16) 

As we move into 5776, our year to connect, we believe G-d' intentions for those leaving the Church age is a further pressing into the Kingdom age as we learn the practical realties of taking economic and civil dominion. We are extending that invitation here by our ascended Davidic King. His intentions are to include addressing those within traditional modern-day Christianity in regards to presenting the new. (This is all good!) His desire is for a righteous intervening economic corporate kingdom civil government, based out of His fore-knowledge in knowing what's needed most for the turning of our nation civilly. There are civil implications to His kingdom as you know! We are commissioned by our G-d to explain that which He seeks as an underlying foundation out of a premise found throughout scripture as some are missing certain keys to restoring the fortunes of many briefly mentioned here in these verses. (Zeph 3:19,20/Hag 2:7,8 NASB/AMP)

We are also to convey that what He is aiming at entails very little extra work for everyone as each completes a simple small task or two while making one small change in a portion of the money one is to save. This that we speak of ultimately is to produce the removal of all uncertainty of ones current and future assets while acquiring Gold freely.
Out of this comes His desire for a national collaborative state-to-state venture which is to be the very fulcrum point for our becoming "the necessary living examples" of a civil kingdom economic community full of stability and power, that springs forth from within our nation, while remaining full of praise, for the further release of the Glory of G-d’ through all of His Psalmist’s and Artist’s.
If one really considers scripture as an important guide we will do well in performing a word search noting, G-d’s funding for the rebuilding, ingathering, and harvest have always included Gold.
For years we have studied this in His word and have read many prophetic words while hearing, “Search out a matter for Me and move into the outworking of these things with Me” 
Therefore we perceive that G-d often ‘waits for us' in the hearing and in the outworking of things that are written and spoken from Heaven. (Example of this seen in: DANIEL Chap. 9 emph. 2, 6, 10-20, 27)

To further explain this we have chosen a prophetic word with a recent civil add-on, while keeping in mind one leader during our focus writing:
Shawn Bolz, http://expression58.org We are attempting to introduce under G-d’s grace flow what we term as ‘certain priority points’ out of a news storyboard format and 3 projects out of one dream. We are writing to ask if all would prayerfully consider the document contents and being a further part of a solution, for certain matters of concern within His heart, in helping His bride, our nation, it’s people, the least of these and our current civil leaders. Our attempt here is based out of the far-knowing and far-seeing wisdom of G-d which has developed necessary deep intentional and critical thinking so that, an underlying foundation of wealth will appear as Heaven’s economy and His supernatural ways of royalty will be known and apparent to all.
(Not just those who are current leaders) We do not want cross any boundaries of those of you who are in authority or step on anyone’s toes, but 4 years of mission work has led us to the greatest spirit-filled economic, financial and tax experts in all of human history therefore, we perceive our G-d is declaring that the way we have handled finances in our kingdom civil affairs must shift, and we must consider His desire for our shift corporately, out of His heart of concern in our preparing for “proper distribution” and "safety of assets" in the coming transference of wealth. 

What if you could announce to your Governor, “The rain is coming” by the Spirit endowment of Elijah?
1 Kings 18:41-45. 
And what if no person wanted to take credit for that statement except to say, this is from the One who has said, “Listen to My Son in whom I am well pleased" as we continue to look to the One who brings His words to pass without any impure motivation except to look into His eyes knowing that we will see Him one day, out of our collaborative efforts, and hug Him!

Though many of you have great relationships and are deeply connected to each other and to the many, we sense our Lord' heart saying to those who already have establish platforms and relational communication ties with the greater body of Christ, "My assemblies have gotten further together in one vein for My name sake as I’ve given Myself to forgive all. Many have matured and have dropped all the nonsense, the pointing of the finger, the sharpening of the sword and the cutting of each other. Many have stopped vying for attention from others in that, you have fully turned towards Me as the only one who is able to fully deliver. To many I now say that it's time to stop being concerned over protecting your future from within your 501c3 status and move into the profit I have ordained and established for you. Do not be overly concerned about your reputations or from associating and engaging with those I've ordained that you are to connect with. The winds of change are coming and you are to fully prepare and freely step out, sharing this and what I am calling you to carry for Me, for the security and well-being of the many. Know that the fear of man and those that monitor your 501c3 status brings a snare and yet those who fully trust in Me shall be secure and set on high. Make room for My children who are likened to flowers ready to bloom and make room for those you do not know, because My plan has always included coming along side failed stewardship, within the nations, by that which every joint supplies. My plans have also always included multiplication of assets and the redistribution of wealth from those who increase their possessions by usury and extortion as I release it to those of you who pity the poor"
(Talents rightly translated in the NIV as Gold. Matt.25:14-30, Prov.28:8)

As I awoke one morning to check my email I caught the subject line of the Oct.1st 2015 LA Times “Essential: What happened to plans to end homelessness?”
This excerpt is referring to the Mayor of LA committing 10 Million in 2006 to see homelessness ended in 10 years: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-0930-lopez-homeless-20150930-column.html

(Please take a glimpse saints, click, quickly scroll up and down and you’ll get the 1st picture of 5 in our grace flow news storyboard.)

Will bullet point the rest of the Headlines that day and head onto our summary project points and objectives.

Deep Distrust:


No Love Lost:


Oil Refinery Purchase in LA:


CA Drought:


As you look briefly at each of these headlines in our news storyboard please note, as you’re aware, the needs, the continuing crisis and the underlying wealth foundation necessary to help our civil leaders as we are called to come forth as His living examples of civil economic solutionist’s nationwide.

1) 10 Million dollars promised. 2) Those in authority. 3) Civil leaders. 4) $575.5 Million Oil Deal,
(Gas and pricing out of oil, our real underlying economy, shared out of concern and far sightedness, out of a possible coming issue that may produce a national crisis.
We say this because as His unusual economic missionaries our status for years has been to fully track our delicate situation economically, under His watchful eyes, in full agreement with Him from within our nation, as we intercede prayerfully and move out practically because; many do fully consider or understand that all it takes is one bump from the FED in raising interest rates, U.S Bank failure, a stock market crash or what we already mentioned in gas prices to destabilize our entire nation and the way we all currently do life!)
5) The Drought.

ONE KEY PROPHETIC WORD, THE RECENT CIVIL ADD-ON AND THE PRACTICAL IN THE OUTWORKING: http://www.elijahlist.com/words/displayword.html?ID=13165
Please read this recent Elijah List publication with Kim Clements CIVIL add-on as we point out what we discovered there in certain excerpts and in sentences of Johnny Enlow’s past word which includes THE RAIN AND FLOODING THAT IS TO OCCUR. For those of you unfamiliar with Johnny Enlow’s word in the link above we state, this concerns our national status as the United States of America, out of the G-d of Israel securing of our nation's debt, by revealing a 120 mile-wide vein of Gold in California and those with whom are to have land contract rights.
We believe this is not merely a State inclusive word or document. This concerns all of our well being as His nation among nations, as does our news storyboard headlines.
Most facets in our news storyboard are relational state-to-state and points into the need for restoration of all things, being further revealed out of years of intercession and worship, in an answer to prayer, and based out of His response and desire for our coming national collaboration. We are His royal nationwide forever family!
As G-d raises up a million or more fully funded full time Psalmists, intercessors, worshippers, filmmakers, co-creators and artists we will see the unimaginable occur publicly as we drive back the forces of darkness out of a mandate to see the fulfillment of Habakkuk 3:3 "G-d came from Teman, The Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise" (heavens here is plural, a mid-heaven or sky reference.)

(Italics underlined mine)

"In turn, you then discover even new hidden treasures in what you assumed was all dirt. I have a treasure to be desired in every nation, every city, every family, and every person…”
Multiple Levels of Gold: Shallow, Mid-level, and Deep Gold 
Rivers will flood and reveal new gold rushing possibilities. BELOVED, DO YOU SEE THOSE 5 WORDS FROM FATHER, SPIRIT AND SON? "Rivers will flood and reveal"

We are writing after 4 years of mission work in planting seeds and giving 24 Karat Gold to certain key leaders because we’ve now discovered that what we shared all along was G-d’s financial system of safety in the latter distribution end, in the setting of a safe civil financial INFRASTRUCTURE and foundation, for the benefit of the many, and for funding certain current and coming priority projects.

If you think about land contracts rights and securing a 120 mile wide area without far sighted thinking or proper channels of distribution, we believe you may still have government and military control because, without proper repentance what you may see will be a frenzied craze of people wanting to get their portion, you may then have unprecedented traffic jams, airport flight backups/closures and many other occurrences because there is no way to "keep secret" the revealing of the 120 mile-wide Gold mother-lode.

Therefore we are perceiving by the Spirit of the G-d of Israel that if certain ones among you lay a hold of and take action in what we’ve shared or are sharing, by some simple self-taught EDU videos, then G-d Himself would send the rain in His timing, out of our response to Him, in that, we would be a people wholly prepared, as Holy Spirit shows us things to come and we would know what to do before we 'see the rivers flood’ and the California Gold that is to be fully revealed.

Some of these statements come out of past EXPERINCES with other coupled in prophetic words over a period of many years. Though we are young and maturing what may have been overlooked by leadership, out of past experiences or over protecting parameters may have actually led to hindering the purposes of G-d, the stalling of projects and our coming along side current civil government. Therefore, we believe that G-d is using Elijah List to bring it around 'again' for you to weigh out in regards to the consideration of these matters. 

"You be My treasure that is hidden in the field of the nations of the world.
In turn, you then discover even new hidden treasures in what you assumed was all dirt. I have a treasure to be desired in every nation, every city, every family, and every person. I am asking you to TREASURE HUNT WITH ME. I am going to turn around California, the forerunner state, and you will know that I can do this anywhere and everywhere."
Johnny Enlow    

Before we go any further please know we are not attempting to twist G-d’s arm in the outworking of any of His words, nor are we to manipulate or step on the foot of any Pioneering Apostle’ or project leader who may have disregarded different types of pioneers from your midst out of past experiences with others, and yet since we all know that “changing the essence of culture” is an ongoing process, “Now for the third time I am ready to come to you. And I will not be burdensome to you; for I do not seek yours, but you”... (Ending context v 15 out of Love for His Church under our Lord’s promptings and leadership. 2 Corth. 2:14,15 In the parents laying up inheritable SECURE generational wealth for our children's, children out of 24 Karat Gold Money. G-d' new Gold money, gold standard monetary system, kingdom internal banking system and personally secured national distribution system.

Therefore, our attempt is also to get some to see ‘why should the budgets of the many among us remain so’ as we watch those who are behind social injustice extend $575.5 million on an oil refinery deal in Los Angeles as we wait on G-d to reveal the Gold? And does our G-d desire to break or deal with certain issues pertaining to drought? So please know that you are so loved by us and allow us to share a bit more with you and possible DREAM PROJECTS that you may have already considered as some may already be moving in a facets of these.

We can confidently declare that our G-d is proclaiming "My children if you can shift corporately, I will lead you into the place and into the state, where if you we're invited into the White House, you would NOW be carrying My economic solution for your entire nation. Even amidst all the Gold that is to be revealed in My securing your nations debt, My system of distributing it flows gracefully out of My heart, from within the treasure of each person ordained and every family that I have created for My glory in royal stewardship.
Therefore beloved please understand that as you wait...in the end - ACQUIRING FREE GOLD by saving a portion of your paper money is better than buying it at ANY discount."
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xsvucpTHtHU (4 MIN VIDEO INSIGHT) 

Recently we had a dream of a fund-raising party where a woman was seen crying who represented many within the Bride of Christ. She was a teacher, author, homeschooler, intercessor, worshiper, single mom with children and a pioneer. She was crying because she was in need of funding for furthering her projects and creative purposes with those within her household.
We also saw a female Psalmist at the party who represented the many who are currently leading worship with recording capabilities.
We also saw an apostolic woman who represented those who are dreaming of owning excessively large collaborative city-wide centered properties.
This last woman also reminded us of a past G-d perception of building proto-type building’s on properties with open wall doors where entire cities could be exposed to sight and sound projects and the glory of G-d as it was apparent that all could come in and out freely (and at no cost) to investigate whatever venue was occurring. These building’s always have room for those whom G-d draws at any given moment.

We believe that these three are representative of those who have current needs, the need for further creative fundraising and the funds that are necessary to bring completion to the dreams of fulfilling your calling by all your creative endeavors.

As certain objectives are met while keeping in mind the creating of various public involved venues, the results of our creative collaborative effort's will begin to bring in the fullness of the gentiles in our area.
Once the fullness of the gentiles is brought in, there will be a fulfillment of Rom.11:25 in our area and forward timeline movement towards verse 26.
As G-d also goes after the lost sheep of the house of Israel among us, the Jewish people who run many industries, this furthering in forming of one new man will one day bring about,
"...And so, all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, the deliverer will come from Zion…” Romans 11:26
(Ps.14:7, 53:6, 110:2, Is.46:13, Heb.12:22)

As many of you already know from David to Solomon (2 Chr.6:33b) to Amos (9:12b) to Peter (Acts 15:17), all of them knew that the LORD himself would raise up, rebuild and then establish the fallen Tabernacle of David (3 phases) and, as Jew’s they knew that part of Its purpose was for the ingathering of the gentiles and for the reverence and renown of His name so that, the nations would come as well and experience G-d’s presence and come to know His name; Yeshua, Yahveh Saves the very Glory of G-d.

Through the rebuilding of the Tabernacle, which in our day will include sight and sound venues, true evangelism (Eph.4:11) and the office of it, as the nameless and faceless generation will be properly set in place, while forever standing with Yeshua (Phil.2:21) for Israel and Jerusalem (Zech.1:14-17, Rom.10:19), as we reap the gentile harvest which will then usher in the harvest of the whole House of Israel. This is a key given to us in G-d’ word and the desire of Yeshua’ heart. We can literally meet a need for our Great king now and bring fulfillment to His word because, as you know, the nations and Israel are His Inheritance. (Psalm 2:6-8)

This will also produce prosperity for the many among us in hyperbolic fashion. This is described in Amos 9:13, “Behold the days are coming declares the LORD when the plowmen will overtake the reaper and the trader of grapes him who sows seed; when the mountains will drip sweet wine and the hills will be dissolved” (This speaks of beautifully affecting those in high places and hindrances being removed.)
We believe this will occur simultaneously as the fields are ripe to harvest souls and the wealth is there for those willing to go further into the public and use His resources for his purposes. (Psalm 24:1 NASB)

Under The G-d of Israel’ Leadership Team,

In all the implications of Heaven;

The Vital Impact Seven Group http://ruach.us 

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