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The most important prophecy over So Cal in 30 years... Into a living reality with (many) taking responsibility.

"In addition, in this revival God is tearing down the wall that has divided reaching souls from the systems of economy that fund one’s ministry. God is looking to mine His “gold diggers” – those who go after true riches which are souls and systems of economy to fund their purpose" Feb 4th 2019 Key  Prophecy Over Southern CA (link). Cheryl-Ann-Needham 

Come consider your part in 7 years of hearing from the G-d of Israel (Yeshua) in our quest for One event ; partnering with Mark Moulin to end USA poverty, as we ask? Is this http://heavenshollywood.com/about.shtml  the "EVENT WITH FOUR STREAMS: Worship, Word, Workplace, and Works"  (Prophecy Excerpt) Cheryl Ann Needham



Our Davidic King as the 'Stone of Revelation'

“But the Stone that struck 'the statue' became a Great Mountain and filled the whole earth” (Daniel 2:35b) Messiah is Yahveh incarnate, The Chief Corner Stone (Luke 20:17,18), The Stone of Daniel (2:34, 35,44,45), The Stone of Zechariah (3:9) This Mountain pictures G-d’s all-transcending government though our coming Davidic King who lovingly resides over all earthly powers and will put an end to all unrighteous rule and injustice. Because we are in union with our coming Davidic King, the greatest economic financial strategist ever; we openly proclaim; "Who is like Yahveh' Salvation, who can pick up a stone and sling it while being full of praise to His Father" Only this time HE is aiming for the feet of that (giant) image_(Rev 13:15) Because, He's already crushed the headship of the enemy. We are called to move out further into the public with the one who watches over the son's of your people (Dan 12:1) and with "The IDF of Heaven", We invite you into the gold thread of unity (new gold based monetary distribution system) that ACTUALLY THREADS through all 7 mountains (MONEY AND THE USE OF IT) amidst each society, that which is to strengthen every justice movement, as we gain our Kingly economic stance, as it sweeps across our nation and touches the 7 continent's in expression's of Isaiah 58:7-12, Zechariah 7:8-14, Matt 25:34-37, taking us and those ordained eventually right into modern day Jerusalem/Mount Zion. 

"Beloved even though His glory will have it's way within us, we must understand that there will always be a monetary issue (C Pierce)"; It is simply what governs the lives of the majority of all people groups, as His Spirit governs us.

Money runs through all 7 mountains of each and every society therefore, Spirit's unction is to position one in a financial system of safety, securing and multiplying assets, as we gather and shift corporately + we'll see transference of wealth required to fund one's purpose and, what will be necessary to turn an entire nation. 

Our Davidic King is the "Stone of Revelation" that will destroy “the image of the beast” Rev.13:15, as HE aims at unjust oppressive systems (kingdoms of this world--law legislation) debt structures currently in place and those yet to be seen. 


OBJECTIVE: Seeing a gold distributional asset for USA civil authority, restoring the fortunes of Zion, Justice into the USA / Israel, to Kingdom civil governmental establishment... on earth as it is in heaven.

Heaven to Kim Clement for ALL TO WEIGH OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqae12Otunk&feature=youtu.be PROPHETIC CONFORMATIONS (found years later relating to home page etc. statements above concerning Yeshua)... Scrub forward to 13:13 mark remaining in Vid.



19 Is the seed yet in the barn? yea, as yet the vine, and the fig tree, and the pomegranate, and the olive tree, hath not brought forth: from this day will I bless you20 And again the word of the Lord came unto Haggai in the four and twentieth day of the month, saying, 21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth; 22 and I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen;

2019 year of demarcation (Johnny Enlow GOLD RUSH II prophecy pls read) to fulfillment to contractual insights over California Gold Mother-Lode  

This year (we we're told to announce) drought in Central Los Angeles breaks : to 1) "Rivers will rise and reveal" 5 words stood out in Johnny's prophecy : the sign to treasure hunt, this is the year.

2) "As a state and as a nation, under present economic precepts, you are permitted to print money that is backed by that asset. I am a real and practical God. "There are Josephs that I am giving the plan to on how to move this forward contractually. It doesn't need to be complicated". (Johnny Enlow).

Contractual Processes : Yeshua's simple yet extraordinary wisdom (Judah, Mikael)

We discovered a (gold distributional) system of economy in 2011 based in small igots of 24k gold, (custom branding implications in projects) to potential corporate to national 'saving verses spending' business model in which all leadership rejected, yet still remains an asset example. This was to be a "fill the sheep's hands with the practical to fund their purposes" (4 Million to kick off). Now however, we see (yet many have not) Donald Trump moving in Haggai 22a. premises; which will continue (saint's do you realize) 'that together' we're to help civil authority develop a USA gold 'saving verses spending' state to national business model.

Proceeding Into 2019:  Develop a government program with/or for Donald Trump that pays non-mining gold claimants or all (throughout 120 mile stretch) monthly or quarterly payments. This is for stewardship purposes not a taking their claim, it's just that simple. The ledge of gold will be further revealed through technology to the known world and to the already in process establishing of the USTN (United States Treasury Note or Gold backed Dollar).

Therefore we can confidently declare that our G-d is proclaiming "My children if you can shift corporately, I will lead you into the place and into the state, where if you we're invited into the White House, you would carrying My economic solution for your entire nation. Even amidst all the gold that is to be revealed in My securing your nations debt, My system of distributing it flows gracefully out of My heart, from within the treasure of each person ordained and every family that I have created for My glory in royal forever family stewardship".

August 30, 2012 (Edited: Into the practical natural outworking of the prophetic word - internal spiritual only application removed)

"Last night Chuck Pierce was speaking in San Diego, CA.  He had an incredible word for what the Lord was now ready to do in their city and territory. In the course of Chuck’s speaking he referred to 2 Samuel 8 and referenced Metheg Ammah – The Mother Bridle City. This was where the Philistines the enemy of God’s covenant territory was ruling God’s territory illegally. (and unjustly) The Mother Bridle City held the reins of government for the rest of the territory including several other surrounding cities. The King of the Metheg Ammah would then force tribute from each one of the cites (much like the IRS or the FED, FDIC--36 million an hour extracted in fees American Saints) in the territory that he ruled.


He had to keep these cities under his control for financial reasonsJudah’s territory, which was part of God’s covenant plan, was where this was happening. This was David’s portion.The King of Metheg Ammah had taken the authority out of the hands of Judah and confined Judah to borders that would prevent the tribe from fully occupying its territory and enjoying the fruit of what God had given them. In essence, the a wrong king was now in control of Judah’s destiny and worship. David disagreed because he was now King of Judah and all of Israel.  Therefore, David went to battle and removed the rule of the Philistines out of the portion of Judah, where God had set him in place to rule."



The Spirit of Tabernacle of David : In our day will include sight and sound venues, true evangelism, as the office of it - the nameless, faceless generation will be properly set in place, while forever standing with Yeshua (Phil.2:21) for Israel and Jerusalem (Zech.1:14-17, Rom.10:19), as we reap the gentile harvest which will then usher in the harvest of the whole House of Israel

This will also produce HYPERBOLIC prosperity for the many as described in Amos 9:13, “Behold the days are coming declares the LORD when the plowmen will overtake the reaper and the trader of grapes him who sows seed; when the mountains will drip sweet wine and the hills will be dissolved”  / This speaks of beautifully affecting those in high places and hindrances being removed...as well.
We believe this will occur simultaneously as the fields are white ripe to harvest souls and, the wealth is there for those willing to go further into the public using His resources for his purposes. (Psalm 24:1 NASB)

Under The G-d of Israel’ Leadership Team,

In all the implications of Heaven's Vital Impact Seven Group / https://mikaeljudah.wixsite.com/americaneden 

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